Maximizing the potential of existing structures for New or Enhanced uses

Many of Swedroe Architecture's projects, in and around Miami, involve renovations to existing buildings. The opportunity to recapture the historical essence provides us extensive expertise in evaluating a structure’s condition and identifying opportunities for repair, alteration and improvement.
From re-imagining an Art Deco building from the past, or transforming an unkept hotel into a modern marvel, existing building services can be part of an overall construction project or a stand-alone assessment that helps clients clearly understand existing property conditions to develop comprehensive investment plans.
Existing Building Renovation - Architecture Services - Swedroe Architecture Miami

What We Do

Swedroe Architecture's approach to existing building analysis includes Structural Review, Conditions Documentation, and Evaluation of Maintainability and Reliability to provide statistical analysis of building and systems life-cycle costs.
Documentation is then provided for all data and if desired by the client, can be maintained in facility assessment software for future reference and analysis.